Osquello - Tired Creature

Press Shot Taken by James Driscoll.jpeg

PEAKES - Still Life


DIY: “Led by singer Molly Puckering’s crystalline vocal, her effortlessly pure strains cut through the spacious, nocturnal beats and subtle, classy production that undulates beneath her”

The Line Of Best Fit: “PEAKES successfully create a boundless sound that seems to extend across the universe, as each sound echoes into the abyss”

Clash: “Molly Puckering's searing vocal dominates the electronic hymnal, a song that delves into her personal realm”

Squid - Terrestrial Changeover Blues (2007-2012)

Squid 2018 Press Shot .jpg

Clash: "a Neu! fantasy as itchily contagious as it is futuristic"

DIY: "outrageous and brilliant new single...as if Shame’s Charlie Steen accidentally found himself on a Magical Mystery Tour"

The Line Of Best Fit: "a rich blend of psychedelia, Europop and punk noise"

The 405: "a thrilling 5-minutes"